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Our Vision

Top Quality

Quality is considered the priority element of our company creating customer satisfaction and the sucess of business.

High Reliability

Our Products has been exported to many countries in the world with good reputation and prestige in the Construction

Competitive Price

Competitive prices meet the demands of international markets and particular needs of customers all around the world.

Great Efficeiency

The capacity is very big with many of our own quarries and factories ensuring the continuous quantity and the stable quality of our products. The leadership and officers are not only knowledgeable and well trained but also willing to devote their lives to the success of the business.

About Us

KR Group
KR Group started in 1999. KR is a brand which is derived from the name Krishnan who is the founder of the industry. KR is a group of different companies providing services for various needs. It is basically located in Tamilnadu. Our group of company include KR bricks industries, KR Crusher industries, KR Construction Pvt Ltd

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Our Future Project

KR Educational Trust

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Our Future Project


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KR Group

KR Construction Pvt Ltd

KR Construction is one of the most happening Civil, Structural, Engineers & Contractors in South India.

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KR Crusher Industries

Crushing and screening processes are integral to the mining and construction industries. In both the sectors, the need for fast and efficient crushing and screening operations is vital and it makes a huge difference in terms of quality and productivity.

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KR Bricks Industries

KR Bricks bring together intelligence and knowledge to offer durable and superior quality clay products to transform your construction experience.

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