Our Future Projects


Our upcoming future project is a brick production machine, purchased from a European company Verdes, we are affiliated with, the project is ongoing. Our mission is in progress, which will be released in 2021. Our machine will greatly reduce the workload in our company which will greatly improve the production of bricks. It features artificial intelligence, robot technology and user-friendliness.Brick production can be done on a large scale compared to manual labor. Different model (size) of bricks can be made in Verde's brick machine. Using this machine will have a huge impact on you brick production

we supply clay facing bricks for a wide variety of uses across the commercial building industry. We have worked with numerous different architects, all of whom have unique and diverse styles and visions.When choosing facing bricks or engineering bricks for your architectural project, it makes sense that you get veteran advice with extensive industry knowledge, resources and trusted network of contacts to help guide you in the right direction.